Pneumatic Actuators

The pneumatic actuator has a simple and light design with a minimum of moving parts. It is also low maintenance due to the simple desgn and the few moving parts. The pneumatic actuator is ideal for on/off and control functions of control valves.

The pneumatic actuator can be used in Eex areas, without extraordinary encapsulation or other precautions. It is designed for actuating and control of Clorius valves in various environments.

The pneumatic actuator is powerful with a high control speed compared to electric actuators.





Pneumatic Actuator Series S for linear valves

Pneumatic Actuators with optional handwheel for rotary valves. Available in double acting / single acting

ModelDescriptionBody MaterialTemperatureDownload
AD / ADHWDouble Acting, For 2 & 3-way valves type G/L/M/S 2FM-T & G/L/M/S 3FM-T. Aluminium, anodized-20 ºC to +80 ºC
AS / ASHWSingle acting. For 2 & 3-way valves type G/L/M/S 2FM-T & G/L/M/S 3FM-TAluminium, anodized-20 ºC to +80 ºC
Series S For linear valvesPolyester coated steel-25°C to +115°C