Circular Sight Glass

Used where a product or process has to be observed or controlled inside stirred vessels, tanks, dryers, columns, silos, centrifuges, mixers, evaporators, pipelines.

VETROLUX sightglass fitting to DIN 28120, DN 100, PN 10

VETROLUX sightglass fitting similar to DIN 28120, double glazed version with internal heating element, 24 V, 100 W

VETROLUX sightglass fitting similar to DIN 28120, DN 150, PN 2,5

  • Mounting:

        Welded or flanged onto tank wall.

  •  Nominal Sizes:
        From DN 25 (with a free view of 48 mm) to DN 200 (with a free view of 225 mm). Larger sizes on request.
  •  Operating Pressure:
      Nominal pressure ratings of 2.5, 6, 10 and 16 bar. Vacuum.
  •  Operating Temperature:
  •         Sodium Silicate – up to 150°C 
       Borosiliate – up to 280°C
       Flanges: Stainless steels, boilerplate, Hastelloys and exotic specials
       Gaskets: KLINGERsil C4400, PTFE, Silicone, Viton, GYLON, EPDM
Download Datasheets: 
Vetrolux Circular Sightglasses Flanged 
Vetrolux Circular Sightglasses Welded 
 Vetrolux Double Glazed Sightglasses