Hinged Sightglass

The hinged sightglasses of the series KSG / KSGB represent the combination of an illuminated / non illuminated sightglass with a mechanism for quick and easy opening and closing of the combined unit

Hinged sightglasses offer a quick and easy opening sightglass unit without or with illumination, in cases where an addition of components is required or samples need to be taken on a regular or sporadic basis.

      • Mounting:

    Welded onto vessel wall.

    • Nominal Sizes:
    •  KSG (B) 125 – 250mm (OD)
    •  KSG (B) 200 – 335mm (OD)
  •  Operating Pressure:
  •  KSG (B) 125 – 1 bar
  •  KSG (B) 200 – 0.5 bar
  •  Operating Temperature:
  •  Sodium Silicate – up to 150°C 
  •  Borosiliate – up to 200°C
  •  Materials:
  • Welding Flange: Stainless steels 316 Ti, 316 L, 304 and carbon steel RSt 37.2
  • Opening part: Corrosion resistant aluminium casting
  • Gaskets: Silicone
  • Closing part: Aluminium casting, steel, zinked
Download Datasheets: 
Vetrolux Circular Sightglasses Flanged 

VETROLUX hinged illuminated sightglass type KSGB 125 with built-in wiper, series W