MIYAWAKI INC ( JAPAN ) Steam Products

Air Traps and Air Vents- Series A
MIYAWAKI Air Traps are designed for continuous discharge of condensate from air piping, receiver tanks, gas and compressed air systems.

Depending on the operating conditions and applications a wide range of various types of air traps is available. Most of the traps can be fitted with a pressure – balancing line to ensure air can escape from the trap body to prevent air locking. Pressure balancing lines are usually not necessary, if the air trap is installed vertically. MIYAWAKI offers different seat materials and various body materials (including stainless steel) for draining special gas applications.

MIYAWAKI Air Vents are designed for pipelines or industrial equipment to remove troublesome air automatically from them.

Ball Float Steam Traps can be used in all process applications, like all kind of heat exchangers, tank and unit heaters and others, where condensate must be removed immediately after it forms.

The type GC1 is especially designed for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries with small condensate loads and the need for stainless steel bodies. It can be also installed for drainage of steam main lines.

Installation Example


Air Traps:

AG11/AG12 – Cast Iron Ball Float Air Traps for medium condensate amounts
AGC1V – Stainless Steel Ball Float Air Trap for small condensate loads (vertical installation)
AG29 – Ductile Cast Iron Ball Float air and gas trap
AGH29 – Stainless Steel Ball Float air and gas trap
AE8 – Ductile Cast Iron inverted bucket air trap
AV – Cast Iron Thermodynamic Air Trap with incorporated bypass

Air Vents:

– Thermostatic Air Vents made of brass
AT9 – Forged Steel Thermostatic Bimetallic Air Vents